Key People

Pure Professionalism

Ashley Constant


Jesse Vraagom


Franklin Floris


Griffith Lewis

Legal Advisor

Xenia Verkoper


Ashraf Schutt

Director of Security Innovations

Devon Wilsnach

Director of Communications and IT

Naydene Varnicker

Public Relations Manager

Keenan Bartlett

Audits and Risk Manager

Sergio Jacobs

Head Of Science

Patrick MacTavish

Head of Technology

Naydine Smith

These are our go-to people for kids on school that need information about

The Open Minded

Jenna Smith

Hugon Smith

High School


Keegan Vraagom

Jethro Wildebees

Ivan Nel


We are always looking for more Ambassadors from different geographical locations.

to become an Ambassador of The Open Minded. Please contact us

Marise Mouton

Join us on our next event and leave your mark in the heart of the youth.

Howard Louw

Grezelle Petro

Some of our Loyal Volenteers

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