Our Departments

The Focus of Our Efforts

Arts and Culture

From Fashion Design to Traditional Performances

Open Minded Arts want to give the youth the space and tools to express themselves in a creative manner. Whether it is on an Electronic Platform or on Stage. Join us and help us help you bring your art to life.


Science made practical.

Many schools don't have the resources to explain science in a practical and more in detail manner. With our team of young Environmental- and Medical-Laboratory Scientists and Chemical Engineers, we can show the youth a view of science they don't see at school.

We hope to raise enough funds to one day open our very own Training and Research Laboratory.

providing them with all the equipment they need to do research projects.

Education & Outreach

Our Academics department focuses on all School related issues. 

We are in direct contact with the local schools to assist them wherever we can.


Clean-Up Projects

Environmental Policies Audets

Environmental Awareness campaigns


"Teach them how to fish"

Free workshop

The Open Minded is planning to open a training workshop for the youth to gain skills. This is still in our planning stages. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we had to put our plans on hold, but we are hoping to open early in 2021

We will be giving Basic, Advance and Expert classes for:

  • Metal works

  • Machinery 

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Carpentry

  • Mechanical Engineering

We will send out announcements on our blag page when things change.

eSports and Comics

The new age of sports and entertainment

If there's one thing the new generation is great at compared to the past, is working with electronics. 


With the help of local Pro-Gamer's, The Open Minded's eMinded initiative want to bring eSports and Comics to the West Coast by starting our very own league.

We will establish connections with various electronic arts organisations; identify talented gamers in the area and help them find sponsorship's to join in national- and international gaming leagues.

Also we love comic book conventions so why not!

Reinforcing our Commitment

Every mind has its own doors, let us help you find your keys.


Our Philosophy department will focus on mental growth and repairs. 

Here are some of the divisions that our Philosophy department will be focusing on:

  • Group Therapy

  • Motivational Speaking

  • International History

  • Political Science

  • Detention Classes 

  • International Awareness Campaigns

  • Different Religions Studies

  • Ethics

These are areas the schools do not focus on, but it is vital for every person to know after school. 

Your body is your temple.

Keep and pure and clean,

for the soul to reside in.

Nutrition and Wellness

Besides our Feeding Scheme Projects, or Nutrition and Wellness department will focus on all the aspects necessary for you to keep your temple clean and pure.

From our traditional sports and gym workout routines to Yoga and self defence classes. The Open Minded Wellness centre will have it all. 

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